Young and Female? The ACA is Looking for You

One of the biggest challenges so far to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been the enrollment of young people.  A key piece of the insurance puzzle is to get those with low risk of loss to help pay for the claims resulting from those with a high risk of loss.  In the world of health insurance, this means getting young, healthy people to participate.  Without enough of this population, the cost of an insurance plan will be higher than anticipated.  For the ACA’s supporters, this could be a disaster.

So to combat this potential problem, a new campaign is being launched that targets young women.  The reason?  Enroll America, the advocacy group behind the campaign believes women will be likely to enroll their male counterparts.

It is still to be determined whether the lackluster enrollment in the ACA is due to lack of information about the program and subsidies available or if people just are not interested.  Less than two months remain in the Open Enrollment period.


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