Top 10 Most Expensive Health Insurance Markets in the United States

Kaiser Health News has an article out that lists the 10 most expensive health insurance markets in the United States.  Some things to note about the list:

  • The ranking is based on the exchange available in each of the states, whether it be a state-run exchange for the federal exchange.
  • The ranking uses the lowest cost Silver Plan available in each region.  The Silver Plan seems to be the most popular marketplace option.
  • The ranking uses the cost for a 40-year old person.  Some states such as Vermont do not allow different rates based on age, so while Vermont is on Kaiser’s list, it may not necessarily be on every list of this type.
  • The cost shown does not take into account available subsidies.

It’s interesting to see how locations all throughout the country make the list.  Some are on here due to poor health and low employer-provided coverage, and some are on here due to high cost of medical care.

If you have been out shopping for health insurance on the exchanges, you have no doubt had many questions and have possibly had some sticker shock. Unless you live in one of these 10 locations, the sticker shock could be worse.

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